David Gennusa

Sales Executive - LREA


Raised and educated in the Hills district, David is acutely familiar with the terrain and trends of the local property market.

Leveraging his expertise as a Master Negotiator, David is thorough in tailoring optimal strategies to attract a premium price leaving ‘no stone unturned’.

He has triumphed in real estate sales since 2015 with a proud track record in fetching record-breaking sales prices in his career. He has achieved consistent acclamation as a top sales performer in the industry, and his clients are his greatest advocates.

Driven by his passion for people and property, David’s winning formula is relationships plus reliability equals results.

David’s trustworthiness and friendliness is enhanced by his integrity and attention to detail. He maintains the client’s best interests at heart through his impeccable capacity to read people and read the market.

David is never complacent about his multiple awards, always seeking to maximise exposure, locally and globally.

Client Care Award 2017
Certified Master Negotiator 2016 to 2019